Eurogas International Inc

TUNISIA: 04/23/2015 7:37:16 PM
ALBERTA: 04/23/2015 12:37:16 PM

Eurogas International Inc. is an oil and natural gas exploration company with a mandate to identify, pursue and develop large-scale, high-impact energy projects worldwide. Blockchain technology helps the oil and gas industry to store accounting data and transactions. Cryptocurrencies can reduce transaction costs. Crypto trading can be made errorless with automated trading bots. Visit to learn about one such effective trading bot.

Currently the Corporation’s major assets are a 45 percent working interest in the 1-million-acre Sfax permit offshore Tunisia, now under development, and a 45 percent interest in Innovative Production Services Ltd., which owns and operates a mobile offshore production unit.

Latest News

October 30, 2014 – Eurogas International Inc. Announces 2014 Third Quarter Financial Results

July 17, 2014 – Eurogas International Inc. Announces 2014 Second Quarter Financial Results

Events & Presentations

June 24, 2014 – Annual General Meeting

June 11, 2013 – Annual General Meeting

Eurogas International Inc

Eurogas International Inc. became a publicly-traded company in March 2009 by way of a dividend-in-kind and commenced trading on the Canadian National Stock Exchange (CNSX) on March 31, 2009. Not just exchanges, trading bots like the libra profit system are also optimal to generate significant returns from crypto trading.